Sunday, August 28, 2016

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

Went downtown for the In Lights exhibition on the canal. #thesummerfantastic #sohumid #toomanypeople

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fables Vol. 21 and 22

A graphic novel legacy has ended for me. The very first comic series that I have ever read has laid to rest all of its characters, leaving me slightly empty.


The rest of me knows this series has come to an end, because, let's face it, when a group of creators have squeezed every last bit out of its stories, it's time to go.

"Nothing gold can stay."

And sadly, this gold was starting to tarnish. I would've kept reading the series, and like anything, it probably would've had a rebirth at some point, ushering in a second-wind of creativity, storytelling, and all the feelings.

But, after so many years, it was obvious that wasn't going to happen for a little while.

We find the titular characters, the ever-famous Snow White and, the oft forgotten, Rose Red, about to duke it out because of a literary accident.

"Whoops, we're going to finally show you why they're about to fight. Sorry, readers!"

It seems the writers wanted to throw a curve ball our way, but instead, they left us with a, "You're telling us this now why?"

It seems, through Snow White and Rose Red's lineage, there is a curse that only one sister shall remain. All others will kill or be killed. Rose Red, trying on the idea of Camelot for size, was going to be the good knight. All decked out in armor, mind you, Snow White, who has no ideas where the armor came from (and, alas, neither do we), decides that she'll go ahead and fill the role of the other knight.

Like, what?

So, you two are going to fight?

Not pulling-hair fight, but with swords?

Or that's what, we readers, are supposed to think. Lines are drawn in the sands. People are choosing sides. All the fairy tale characters go to their bookies and place their bets.

Since, I already paid for this ride 22 volumes ago, I sat down, cranked the leg bar as close as it could get to my thighs, and rode this kiddie roller coaster until it came to a complete stop.

Luckily, by the the time I flipped through the pages of the final volume, Rose Red decides that she has the power to end this generations-long curse, doesn't fight Snow White, and banishes herself.

And everyone lives happily ever after.

Regardless of the lukewarm attempt to wrap up the almost unwrap-up-able, there were no major deaths (those all happen within the meat of the series...where they belong), there were no major heartbreaks, and the reader was left with a bittersweet end.

All the characters, pretty much, end up going their separate ways.

It's all very "Friends."

Let's hope the writers don't try to create a "Joey" situation with Cinderella.

Although the series lost a little of its magic toward the end, this series is, overall, a magnificent re-envisioning of the fairy tale world and all the back stories that go with it. Good guys have sketchy side jobs (Cinderella is a spy?) and the most prosaic side character is the ultimate villain (I'm not giving that one away).

This was the most satisfying graphic novel series I could've stepped foot in, having never read "comics" before. It made me a believer. I have, since, started reading more.

Some day, much like "Harry Potter," I hope to return to these pages to lose myself in a familiar land.

Until then, this new believer in graphic novels is off to a new series.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

While trying to figure out a car issue, our neighbors came out, put their dog on the leash and kept staring up at the sky. I don't believe they really cared about this beautiful cloud formation. I think they were simply being super-nosy, using the post-scary weather sky as an excuse to eavesdrop. #thesummerfantastic

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

"Here at Black Dot Coffee, we allow for our cold brew to seep for 12 hours. This allows the coffee and water to marry, creating a less-acidic brew that is much richer than a regular cup of coffee. Patrons often ask what kind of chocolate we use, and we always tell them that the sweet cream we use brings out a natural chocolatiness. They are baffled that we just used freshly ground coffee, filtered water, and cold. #thesummerfantastic

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

Why, yes corn and garlic and pasta, you may be in a pasta dish together. It's what we DO in Indiana when one purchases a bushel of corn. #thesummerfantastic

Monday, August 08, 2016

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

One assignment while learning how to shoot using a manual camera was to go out on campus. Then, we developed the film and processed it in the dark room. #thesummerfantastic #oldphoto

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

Thanks to @wifefriend for thinking of a clever way of using our old office desk. It is now ready for massive amounts of brainstorming. #thesummerfantastic

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

Three years ago these little blue eyes joined our family. #thesummerfantastic #tbt

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

I cut down a small tree that was growing where it shouldn't and found this guy. #thesummerfantastic edited with @picmonkeyapp

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

We finally went to the movies this summer. With all the fun movies that have come out, we just haven't been very good about getting to the theater. #thesummerfantastic

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

Folder 5 of 5. Look at the top right-hand corner. Do you see it? I went to a small, small Catholic school through 8th grade. Isn't this folder totally appropriate for that class? I think? In its second life, this folder will represent my 7th grade yearbook class because working on the yearbook, well, it's just like keeping your head above water as you're being attacked by a White Water Rapid Creature From the Black Lagoon. #sorad #thesummerfantastic

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

Folder 4 of 5. Because 7th graders are on their way up. And 8th graders are still able to put them in their place. I also tend to love the 7th graders just like I love pterodactyls and rock climbing. #sorad #thesummerfantastic

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

Folder 3 of 5. This one will be OTHER 8th grade folder. For newspaper. Because 8th graders are tough. And we need to be afraid of them. Also, my shoe size hasn't changed since 8th grade. I've been wearing size 9 since my voice changed. #sorad #thesummerfantastic

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

Folder 2 of 5. You need to understand, these folders were from when I was in middle school. Obviously, I'm not going to use it for science. I think the tiger tearing into the football is perfect for my 8th grade yearbook class because when they Snapchat, this is obviously what they think they see. #sorad #thesummerfantastic

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

Folder 1 of 5. While getting rid of old supplies from an art bin, I came across old Trapper Keeper folders. They're in pretty good condition, and I'll be using them in my classroom. I think this one symbolizes 6th graders rather well, right? #sorad #thesummerfantastic

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

Ghostly outtakes. I put the camera on a tripod and turned the shutter speed way down. With the help of my remote and candlelight, I thought ghosts might appear. They did. #thesummerfantastic

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

The power didn't come back on until 3 a.m. We broke into our stash of candles we still have from our wedding 11 years ago, which was candlelit. #thesummerfantastic

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

There wasn't much to do with no power and (weirdly) no phone service. So, I went ghost hunting. And found one. #thesummerfantastic

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Photo Post the Summer Fantastic

As we cleaned out our closets and separated clothes for Goodwill, I told @wifefriend that I would wear this shirt because it was a large. She was in the show when she was 14. It's 21 years old. This fall, well have been in each other's lives for 21 years. #thesummerfantastic