A MBoP Design

Thursday nights at @connerprairie, the hot air balloon flies until about 10 p.m. After an afternoon of sunflowers down on the ground, we decided to spend the evening up in the air. As we waited for our 7:30 p.m. flight time, a group of people walked in. With middle school-aged kids. That I recognized. So, I flew up in the air with some of my students. But they were the ones that were embarrassed -- they feared they would freak-out from the height and that I would see them. And use it as collaterol during the school year. Which I would. Because I'm that kind of teacher. #thesummerfantastic #mbop #mbopdesigns #colorsoftheweek #coloroftheweek #newpicmonkey #picmonkeyapp #graphicdesign #amdesigning