The Puptuals

The Thursday before Christmas, we discovered a worrisome bump in Miss Nigra's abdomen. We took her to the ER where they aspirated it. We got the results on Christmas Eve that it was a tumor. While the plan was to wait and get her doctor's opinions before we made the decision to operate, a few nights later, we noticed it had gotten larger. Steph made the appointment for surgery, and luckily, we also heard from her doctors within the next couple of days saying that they all agreed that getting the tumor out was the best decision. It still didn't make it any easier, and we were still a worried mess.

We just got word from her surgeon that she did well, and she's now resting in recovery. I could spend paragraphs detailing some of the battles this pup has had, which she has won every single time. Although she is 15 and a half, her bloodwork is that of a much younger woman, and she still has some tales to tell.

A best friend of mine gave me a green t-shirt for my birthday that says "You're strong. You're a Kelly Clarkson song." Kelly Clarkson is one of my favorites, and to be honest, it's Nigra who is strong. Nigra is our Kelly Clarkson song. #thepuptuals #sheltiesofinstagram #shelite #nigraselfie #yourestrongyoureakellyclarksonsong