Monday, July 16, 2007

The Primer Isn't Finished?

Whenever I get started on a project, I become OCD. It must be finished the day we start it and if it doesn't I feel like a complete failure. I know the aforementioned isn't exactly true, however, I am still the person who weighs down my arms with grocery bags because I try to make it from the car to the house in one trip.

We're redoing the kitchen (again) and primed all four walls + ceiling. We even got some of the new color on the walls, but some of the primer wasn't finished. Part of me started panicking. We can't continue painting because the wall color was going to smear with the white and we're going to have people over in about two weeks and we need to redo the floor and we'll be out of town this weekend and...and...and...and...

Steph told me to calm down. We did do an ungodly amount of work. So, I plopped down and watched some good CBS comedies (minus Two and A Half Men) and threw my freak-out session away.