Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snowed In with Lard Cookies, Part 2

After midnight, a gray darkness settled over the state of Indiana and an all-consuming snow storm sat down like a fat man on top of a box of flour. With gas, because it keeps blowing. The roads are covered, scooped up by the road crew trucks, and then the roads get covered all over again.

I awoke, with my anxiety of course, to a land as white as glue. And the snow's going to stick awhile because it's so gosh-dern-cold out there. I shoveled the driveway with the mindset of a warrior, because dammit I was not going to miss "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" down in Indy. But I took the Beetle out and traversed not-so-far, and decided, well...maybe driving two hours just to get to a show (if we even made it) was a tad ridiculous. So, we opted to call mom and tell her that being snowed in was giving our original plans for the day a handicap.

I'm still sick, too. Nothing like going to a Broadway show with some dude yacking all over the place. I did that once before. A friend and I went to see "Jerry Maguire" and the whole time I hacked and hacked and chocked. People around me must've loved that movie...till this day, they are probably saying, "Remember when we saw that movie and the guy just hacked up a lung? It landed on me and ruined my new sweater."

So, lard icing is awaiting us. We baked the lard cookies and, just wait, the lard icing has a ton of Crisco in it, too. My eyes widened when I first saw that in the recipe. I was shocked at how much lard went into the icing...until I realized oh,'s vegetable shortening, not lard.

But they're still lard cookies in my heart...but not bad for your heart.