I am My Bucket of Parts

Me at Newfields in Indianapolis during the Cracking Art exhibit August of 2018.

I'm a storyteller at heart.

At first it was novels. Then, it was blogging. Then it was graphic design, illustration, watercolor, ink, and now I play around with video and podcasting. I love it all and decided I don't need to focus on just one.

Welcome to my digital studio.

During the day, I'm a journalism teacher. I've been teaching design trends and basic principles of journalism and media literacy to middle school students for over 18 years. Our yearbooks are pretty spectacular. Many of them are featured in the best of show compendium published by Herff Jones every year.

I've been able to practice what I preach as the vice president and social media director for a nonprofit in my city of Anderson, Ind. called A Town Center. It's a gallery space that features artists in residence, guest artists, classes, concerts, films and many more events that bring the community together through art.

My fervor for creation lies in digital illustration, ink, watercolor, and anything I can use to sketch (Crayola Crayons are not beneath me). I'm moved by the impressionist movement, the look of Tim Burton and the illustrations of Quentin Blake.

I'm also not too shabby at logo design, event design, and branding, so if that's something you need, perhaps we can work together.

Until then, I'll be over there if you need me.